Monday, October 19, 2009

Life with Eyob is dreamy....though I'm not dreaming much

Eyob is the sweetest baby. He is amazing all that he has endured and still has a smile on his face. Many people have invested in him along the way and it shows. Now everyone in this family has picked up the torch and loves him in their own special way. Brianna loves to tickle him and make him laugh. Noah can't resist a smooch or two or three. Simone is now ready to hold him as much as I am willing. Ahni notices all the things he does. Abel brings him toys and sits in his bouncy seat (when Eyob's not in it, thankfully). Eyob lights up when Dan comes into view, but Dan has been sick so that's been limited. I love caring for him. He's so sweet-natured and after a long nap, I can't wait to hold him again. Nights aren't filled with much sleep, but we are all adjusting well. I am so grateful to God for his hand in all of this. I am a blessed woman.

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Christina said...

Welcome home!!! So thrilled that you all are finally together! Eyob is just darling. And I had to laugh that Abel enjoys the bouncy; Dinkeneh also enjoys "sharing" Sisaye's things.

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