Thursday, November 5, 2009

A snap shot

Right now I am listening to Brianna's beautiful piano playing. Simone is interacting with Eyob as she finishes her assigned book; she's enjoying two of her favorite things at once. I can hear Ahni prancing around. Abel is dipping graham crackers in a stray cup of milk. The house is strewn with the leftovers of the day's activities. We have yet to do the final cleanup. There is string strung from one chair to another about 25 feet away where once a balloon zipped and entertained. The remaining ball of yarn somehow went around the dining room table and chairs making a large seven-sided shape. There are laundry baskets that served as trains and boats and a stray pillow whose role was a landing spot during a flood. Many books and papers and abandoned kid-dreamed projects still occupy space on the kitchen table, the one that needs to be set for dinner. Lunch dishes are waiting to be reduced along with the dinner dishes soon to pile up. In my head is a giant question of what to make for dinner without a functioning oven. Soup again tonight? Now the baby is fussy on my lap and manipulating an envelope for a temporary fix. A diaper surprise beckons. This is a snapshot of a normal day. Tomorrow the flurry will repeat itself. Life is good.

AHOPE for Children