Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Conjoined Lumberjacks, Princess Leia, A Bumblebee, and A Girl

Halloween was a blast! Hubby was out of town, but we managed well.
We still had an hour to go and they wanted to go home and have hot chocolate. It was cold! I wanted to keep going to get more candy!!

Noah's save

Noah broke his arm in football!! He dove to recover a fumble and an opponent's helmet smashed into his left forearm and bent it backwards. Ouch!!! He broke both bones....the radius and ulna. He had it reset under general anesthesia this morning. Here's a pic of him looking smashing in his new pink cast! In the ER all he wanted to know between grimaces was...did they win the game? They crushed the other team.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A family hike

Yesterday was a wonderful day. We took a long hike and managed to have a stress-free time. We fulfilled our nature need. Simone got the prize for catching two salamanders and a frog. We ate Daddy's tuna sandwiches under the overhang where Pepper jumped and survived 12 years ago. Abel enjoyed a ride in the sling and fell asleep.

AHOPE for Children