Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Noah's save

Noah broke his arm in football!! He dove to recover a fumble and an opponent's helmet smashed into his left forearm and bent it backwards. Ouch!!! He broke both bones....the radius and ulna. He had it reset under general anesthesia this morning. Here's a pic of him looking smashing in his new pink cast! In the ER all he wanted to know between grimaces was...did they win the game? They crushed the other team.


NatureMama said...
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NatureMama said...

I'll try this again, this time hopefully the link will work!

Oh, NO!! Been there, done that. Can't wait to show Bella the picture of Noah with his pink cast, though. Hope he's feeling better soon... Did they win?

NatureMama said...

Okay, I'm new with adding this link business, so it didn't work again. I was trying to link you right over to my blog post when Bella broker her arm... But if you want to see it and haven't, just go to my blog and look at the "brokenarm" tag.

Marilyn said...

Noah broke his arm in two places? AAAArrrghhhh!!!! Now someone else will have to do all his chores that require two hands. :-)

Sorry to hear this news! Hope you have a speedy recovery, Noah!

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