Monday, December 1, 2008


Hello everyone! We had such a wonderful time in Kentucky!
Thanks Rhonda for the fabulous, gourmet feast!!!


Spreading cattail seeds

Smiley Autumn

Bundled for the park

Gorgeous boy!!

Rocka rocka!

The chef and her assistant finally sitting down

Imagination stood still for one pic

One happy Grandma!!!

Cutie pies!

Look Grandma!!

The beast...Tom the turkey that is

First meeting

One heck of a cute video!

And another....


NatureMama said...

Too cute! I can't get over him toddling around and jabbering up a storm!

Christina said...

Awesome videos and pictures. I can't believe how much A is talking...and was that a RUN I just saw? D still toddles about with his arms in zombie position :). Way to go, A!

Anonymous said...

These are all greats pics, Em! Love the videos, especially of him talking! He's found his voice. In your family, that can only be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Love that second video, so cute!

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